Garden gnomes used as a tactic by thieves?

Garden gnomes used as a tactic by thieves?

Police in Wales have issued an unusual warning about dwarves appearing in gardens outside homes in northern towns, planted by thieves.

The Guardian reported that malicious people would use the figurines to determine if occupants were absent from their homes.

If the garden gnomes are not moved after a certain period of time, criminals can conclude that the dwelling is empty and can target it later.

“We have received a report of two men walking suspiciously in a neighbourhood,” North Wales Police wrote on their website. They are seen walking around suspiciously, looking at property and throwing things (one of which is a small gnome) on the ground.

The British authorities call this way of doing things the ‘calling card’.

“This type of behavior is used to see if residents are going to move things,” South Flintshire Police shared on Facebook.

The local police therefore advised residents to keep an eye on any garden gnomes that appear on their property and advised the public to ensure their homes were safe.

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