France: A dog was found with a 7-centimetre blade implanted between its eyes

France: A dog was found with a 7-centimetre blade implanted between its eyes

France | The owner of the dog, who was found between life and death at the end of June in the Ur region, with a blade planted between the eyes and showing traces of burns, admitted that he wanted to “punish” his animal and he would be tried for atrocities, we learned Friday from the prosecution.

The one-and-a-half-year-old Rottweiler was found on June 23 in a forest near Fontaine-Labe (Eure) by a truck driver, alive but “in a terrible state,” according to the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. ..

A 7 cm long blade was stuck between his eyes and he had burns on his body indicating that he was tied to a car and then dragged on the road. His vital diagnosis was engaged.

After claiming that his dog had run away from him during a walk, the owner finally confessed and was taken into police custody, explained to AFP correspondent the Prosecutor of Évreux Remy Cottin.

He explained that he “made it clear that he wanted to punish his dog, who had obviously turned the kitchen upside down.” He stuck a knife blade into her head twice. He tried to strangle him with the steering wheel and eventually dragged him down the road attached to the car until the steering wheel broke.

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The 34-year-old appeared before the prosecution on Thursday. The judge added that he was summoned on September 11 before the Evreux Correctional Court on charges of “gross abuse and acts of cruelty towards a pet with the aggravating circumstances being that the facts were committed by the owner of the animal.”

The owner, who is not known to justice, faces up to four years in prison.

The animal, now out of the woods, has been taken over by the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, the public prosecutor said, which is looking for a new foster home for it.

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