Football: The Portuguese’s complete card in the derby

The FC Porto, Amiens He did not give gifts to ACA (B) this Sunday, during the twelfth day of R2.

Despite the development abroad, Portuguese Take the game from the right end and with enthusiasm on both sides. during the first five minutesthe lack of space leads to complex situations for Johan Moreira players. The ACA reserve will also quickly concede a very impressive goal from the FCPPA striker Camille Bodivin (4´, 0-1), after a free kick. The locals, suffering badly at Henri-Leclercq, try to respond by intercepting balls in the middle of the field. ACA captain Quinta raises his voice and organizes the match near the Portuguese square, supported by attacking midfielder Ait Hammou. Unfortunately for the ACA, the visitors’ acceleration, followed by a foul on Idez, allows the Portuguese to get a penalty, altered by Ryan da Vega (27 min, 0-2).

Although good Reggie Darius In the pivot, the minutes follow each other and the ACA still can’t score. FC Porto d’Amiens can count on a good defensive hinge in place, with Ameur, very present. So are Poidevin and Da Veiga, the two strongmen today on the offensive front. Although riding a horse Reggie Darius and Roman Quinta on their sides, California He is struggling to get back into this derby, trailing 0-2 at rest.

Ryan da Vega wows…

The second half starts the same way. California, which lacked experience and determination, were subject to systematic pressure from the FCPPA. If it stays active, the captain Romain Quinta He failed to get his team back on the scoreboard. Not even to grab the ball down at the feet of the Portuguese. with his prospects, Enzo Tachet Brings a lot to visitors: recoveries, through corridors Camille Bodivin…the Portuguese in Amiens are enjoying themselves! like Ryan da Vega Who holds his rank after his comments of the week and who continues to surprise ACA defense (B).

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And this is the same da Vega who gave himself a weakness (80 degrees, 0-3). California (B), exhausted, gradually turns off completely, despite attempts by his number 9 Lelleigui. Portuguese goalkeeper Demba JenningHe did a very good job the little he had to do.

The wonderful process is for FCPPA, which you sign Fifth match unbeaten. players Benoit Storboa You will want to continue to face Hasbrooke. the side till thenthere was a lack of fighting and the absence of some players weighed. Johan Moreira And his squad will have to fight back… in the face of the hen boss, Bully Les Mainesto try to leave the landing zone.

Henry Leclerc Stadium Day 12 of the Regional Program 2:

Amiens (B) – Porto Amiens : 0-3 (0-2)
Goals: Poidevin (4th place) Da Veiga (27th and 80th places)

AC Amiens (b): Thoris – Teurki – Sylla – Bekka – Bihondi – Benoudren – Ait Hamou – Darius – Lallaigui – Boukhelifa – Kwinta
Alternatives: Tale (45 degrees) – Konin (58 degrees) – Feniti (53 degrees)

Porto Club Amiens: Gningue – Ameur – Devauchelle – Wable – Njamen – Ribeiro de Almeida – Facquier – Da Veiga – Poidevin – Tachet – Idez
Alternatives: Nyanzo Ichiman (72 degrees) – Boulavrad (60 degrees) – Cisse

Matthew Torber Image credit (Archive) Kevin Devigne – GazetteSports

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