Instituto Cervantes Bohran: Ibero-Spanish Cinema Course in the program of the day

Instituto Cervantes Bohran: Ibero-Spanish Cinema Course in the program of the day

A session of Ibero-American cinema is on the program from 18 to 29 May at the Institut Cervantes in Oran.

The screenings, which are translated into French, are an opportunity to discover the cinemas of this region including Spain and Portugal as well as many other South American countries. The Venezuelan feature film “The Inner Spark (Un Destello Iterior)” by Luis and Andrés Rodriguez opens the event.

It is the story of a seriously ill young mother who finds herself at the crossroads between her fight for life and the demands of her daughter, and must make decisions to get out of it. Scheduled to be shown the day after May 20, “Soldado Milhoes” is a film by the Portuguese Jorge Baixao da Costa, which reviews the events of the First World War by highlighting the role played by the Portuguese army in the spring of 2018 during a decisive battle. In “La Pena maxima”, on the program on May 21, Peruvian filmmaker Michel Gomez sets the plot in the middle of the 1978 FIFA World Cup organized by Argentina. A political thriller based on the novel of the same name by Santiago Roncagliolo and released in 2014.

To represent Mexico, the organizers chose director Alejandra Marquez Abela and her film “Good Reputation (Las Ninas Penn)”. This work narrates, in the program of May 22, the disappointment of a middle-class woman detached from reality in the face of the consequences of the economic crisis of the eighties that threaten her way of life.

The economic alibi is also found in the Spaniard Félix Viscaret’s “No mires a los ojos” (May 23) which depicts the fate of the protagonist who is rejected by his company. Cuba participates in Rebaca Chavez’s film “Ciudad en rojo” (May 24), which looks at the violent events in Santiago de Cuba during the Batista dictatorship. On the other hand, tighter is the plot of the Argentine film “Lluvia” (May 29) directed by Paula Hernandez, which focuses on two characters who are lost on a rainy day on the streets of Buenos Aires, the country’s capital.

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On May 28, a film about soccer legend Pele was proposed to represent Brazil. ‘Calzones Rotos’ (May 27) from Chile and ‘Quilla’ from Colombia complete this program. The first is signed by Arnaldo Valsecchi and the second by Viviana Gomez Echeverry which, next to a postcard, provides an overview of Providence Island’s idiosyncrasy, secular multiculturalism and the shattered fates of separated blended families.

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