[Football] F91’s defeat against Bionic: have they recovered?

[Football] F91’s defeat against Bionic: have they recovered?

EUROPA LEAGUE (Third round, GO) F91, decimated by its C1 defeat against Bionic, faces Malmö tonight, with many signs to the contrary. Will he continue to surpass himself?

Malmö is above all a beaker disease with many unknowns. How do you recover? How do you overcome the Champions League elimination against Bionic after three massive individual fouls? How to get that out of the heads of the players who committed these dumplings (Guif and Skandrovich in particular)?

How do we admit that we will have to fight another 90 minutes at least twice to grab the group stage who nonetheless spread his arms out last Thursday? How do you replace the routine magic wand Hasan, who has two goals in this campaign, but left for Brazilian Verca Magno, who doesn’t speak a word of French and hasn’t played a minute for F91 (since he arrived the day after the friendly against Schefflange)?

How do you overcome the apparent physical disability between Dudelange who had only three weeks of preparation and an opponent in the middle of the season? How many million euros can the Luxembourg champion pass under his nose?

With those kind of stubborn questions, calcified under his traditional black leather covering, Carlos Fangiero boarded the plane yesterday in Findel. And that he certainly still has little today, jumping out of bed, at his hotel in the middle of Sweden’s third largest city. How much will it be?

A terrifying prospect: It’s a bit like setting up an Ikea rack, there’s always a missing piece of the puzzle… we’ll only really be aware of it on the pitch, under Swedish pressure that promises to be massive since an analysis of the last continental match FF Malmö reveals a tactical plan Incredibly bold, with seven attacking players sometimes on the go at the same time.

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It will take up space eaters, but…

And this is how the last question that plagued the Portuguese technician, the mother of all his battles, was born: How the hell can you profit from that?

Because if Malmo finds himself defending with just three when in possession of the ball, he’s going to have to do something about it, at one point or another in this stifling evening. It’s also a flaw that Zalgiris Vilnius knew just how to exploit, he threw it in all directions last week, in the same turf, but caused two devastating counterattacks thanks to the spaces behind that three-man line and denying Malmo a 3.e His role in the Champions League he deserved.

However, one thing is for sure: With Btaib, Van den Kerkhove and Hasan leaving this summer, the F91 is a little lower than before. Not to say much less, especially now that he’s running with two boys behind a 1.90m summit.

Yesterday this Dudelange, though broken, now with crazy pitches and crazy atmospheres, continued to see his boys taking videos and photos when they got to the Eleda Stadium park. I hope they play there, tonight, as well as in Tirana (1-2) or Yerevan (0-1), the first two matches they managed to achieve with a mastery that deserves a reward. But there are a lot of questions…

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