Food truck with free distribution in Paris!

Food truck with free distribution in Paris!

Gluttony alert! Whether you’re young or old, we all love to spread out! Gourmet, melting, chocolatey, comforting…this little treat has it all. The good news: A Food truck 100% dedicated to the spread He will be roaming the streets of Paris in September. the duty ? You can have fun Free spread Plenty!

Free spread at food truck

This is the reassuring news we needed when going back to school. After tasting Orgasmic Pasteís de Nata from the Portuguese pastry ManteigariaSpread time! On September 22 in Republic Square and on September 23 in Defense Square, a gourmet food truck will be held. Hazelnut cream with cocoa, nocciolata blanca with hazelnuts, crunchy nocciolata, nocciolata without milk… all these flavors are already making our mouth water! Can’t resist tasting them all? Anything is possible thanks to our 100% ubiquitous food truck and its free tasting!

The most gourmet tour of the back-to-school season

This super gourmet idea is the company’s idea Rigioni d’Asiago. An Italian brand that offers organic products, such as honey, jams and nocchiolata. Finely harvested hazelnuts, high-quality cocoa, vanilla extract… this is the secret of Rigoni d’Asiago spreads. This range of organic spreads (without palm oil) is formulated with ingredients of natural origin 4 super gourmet recipes, which we told you about above. This fall, Rigoni di Asiago will arrive in France and launch the Nocciolata Tour! At the wheel of their food truck, the team will travel through 5 major cities in France to make you taste all their recipes.

Nocciolata Tour, dates:

Lyon: September 9 and 19

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Paris: September 22 and 23

Nantes: September 30 and October 2

Bordeaux: October 7 and 9

Marseille: October 13 and 14

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