Five songs in less than four months for 20Some

Five songs in less than four months for 20Some

In order to carve out a place for himself in the arcane algorithms of online music listening platforms, and above all to maintain it, rapper 20Some leaves aside the “one album a year” formula and opts instead for the rapid and continuous distribution of new music.

“The essence of the matter today is to always be part of the latest music news. “Your business card should be everywhere on platforms and social networks,” explains 20Some. NewspaperThis came after presenting a fifth song and a fifth video clip in less than 4 months.

In a not-too-distant era, a Dead Obies group member would have packed one or two of these five tracks with advertisements and music videos spread out over a long period of time, and then the entire work would later appear on an EP. Today, with the popularity of playlists generated by the algorithms of platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, which are renewed daily with the latest songs, artists, especially lesser-known ones, must constantly release new music in the hope of getting noticed.

“The days of sitting and listening to our favorite artist’s new album while reading the words on the cover are over,” the 36-year-old rapper reluctantly admits.

more than Punchesfewer capital letters

In interviews as well as in songs, 20Some references sports. According to him, the time, energy and uncertain outcome that accompanies creating an album is comparable to a powerful punch in the world of boxing: you can hit hard and be amazing, but end up in bad shape if you miss. .

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“You can spend a lot of years and a lot of energy making an album, so if it doesn't work out and your album is just another release that week, what are you going to do?” Sorry who just brought up the title. Confrontation time To his fans.

Following this logic, a new song every three weeks would be the equivalent of a song jab In the Ring for 20Some: A less powerful, but faster and safer shot that still has the potential to get you the win.

Regardless, 20Some still made sure to put all of their weight behind the final five Punches. with For the love of the second gesturewhich was filmed in Bayous, Louisiana, or of course Thank you And please don't leave metwo deeply personal tracks, the Franglais master and the young father pick up where his first two solo projects left off.

Useful for artists

20Carlos Munoz, one of the managers and president of Joy Ride Records, sees a lot of upside to this change in the frequency with which new material is released.

“We can't send an entire album to add to the playlist, but by only submitting the singles, we can send them all,” explains the man who also represents rapper Loud.

He also argues that by releasing one song at a time rather than an entire project, the data provided by platforms allows for better analysis of an artist's performance.

20Some will keep the pace going over the next few months, releasing a new song and music video every three weeks. His latest titles, Confrontation timeAvailable on all platforms.

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