Five places to hike last fall

Five places to hike last fall

Color season is at its last, but the show isn’t quite over. According to Bonjour Québec’s interactive autumn color map, the season is “low” or “ending” in several areas of the province. But there are still places where the leaves seem less desirable to fall off. Here’s a little, if you want to go check it out!

Gault Nature Reserve, Monterey

Going for a walk on Mt. St Helier? A classic for many hikers in the Montreal area. The Gault Nature Reserve protects 1,000 hectares of natural habitat and provides 25 km of trails. Four peaks provide views of the area’s fields, but the color display is generally more prominent on the trails themselves and around Lake Hertel.


Lower Laurentians hardwoods are great during color season. Whether it’s to stroll the beach, hike the famous Calvaire d’Oka Trail (4.4 km round trip) or walk the pontoon bridges of the Grande-Baie loop (4 km), the national park is a fun destination to enjoy.

Mount Royal Park, Montreal

The glow of color generally lasts longer in Montreal. No matter late in the season, Mount Royal Park, in the heart of the city, offers enjoyable urban walks on wooded trails ranging from 1 to 7 kilometers in length. The view of the city center from the Kundyaronk Observatory on top of the “mountain” is not to be missed.


This nature park is located on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River and on the border of the Lac Saint-Pierre World Biosphere Reserve in Nicolé. It is distinguished, among other things, by its 710-meter course on stilts, which will take you through a beautiful grove of maples and swamps. The boardwalk will take you to a 12.3-meter-high observation tower. If there are colors left, this is the perfect place to enjoy them!

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Laval Nature Center, Laval

There is a range of activities for families at the de Laval Nature Center (game units, Halloween haunted house, mini cycling rink, etc), but also a 5-kilometer circuit of hiking trails. Until recently, it was the place in Quebec where colors were the least advanced, according to Bonjour Québec’s color chart.

* To view the latest color map update:

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