Republican Tim Scott is taking a big step toward running for 2024

Republican Tim Scott is taking a big step toward running for 2024

(WASHINGTON) US Senator Tim Scott, who openly dreams of being the first black Republican president, took a big step on Wednesday toward running for the 2024 election.

“I will not give up standing up for the conservative values ​​that make America an exceptional country,” said the 57-year-old elected official, announcing in a video the launch of a “support committee.”

These commissions allow presidential contenders in the United States to raise money and more accurately assess their chances. In fact, they indicate a crucial step.

The South Carolina senator joins a small group of former governors and ambassadors who have decided to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination.

But the former US president, who was indicted by a New York court last week, is still leading the race in opinion polls.

Accusing Democratic President Joe Biden of “exploiting” racial issues, Tim Scott claims he is living proof that America is the “land of opportunity.” He is the only black Republican in the US Senate.

After being re-elected to his seat in November – by a 26-point lead over his rival – he mentioned his grandfather, who voted for Barack Obama. “I wish he had lived long enough to see another president of color and this time it was a Republican!” »

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