Experts say Russians sent to Ukraine risk becoming ‘cannon fodder’

Vladimir Putin’s forces are “totally disorganized”, and the 300,000 Russians recently recruited to fight in Ukraine risk becoming “cannon fodder” for Russia, expert judges.

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A foreign policy specialist at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Justin Massey, noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to avenge the explosion at the Crimean Bridge – an infrastructure linking Russia to the Annexed Peninsula – a few days ago.

The missile strikes that killed and injured dozens in Ukraine on Monday, including in Kyiv, would be one way to achieve this.

In an interview with LCN, he said: “Vladimir Putin suffered military defeats for several days and several weeks. He wanted to avenge this attack on this very important strategically and symbolically bridge. […]. It is a tactical change on the part of Russia. They must respond to the Ukrainian forces seizing territory. They are completely disorganized. They did not have enough forces to maintain the front in the face of this convergence of Ukrainian power which is explained by all the weapons provided by the United States and Europe during the summer.

Justin Massey added: “It’s really tragic, it’s punitive. We target children’s parks, residences and hospitals. They have nothing to do with military objectives. We aim to punish and terrorize Ukrainians to curb the Ukrainians’ will to continue fighting.”

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However, the effect is not likely to cause the desired effect, he said.

On the other hand, we see it as a complete failure of the Russians, as defined by the UQAM professor […]. It brings Ukrainians together to defend against the Russians.”

Despite enlisting 300,000 men in Russia, Justin Massey noted that the military was struggling to bring them to the battlefield, feed them properly and equip them appropriately with arms.

We send them to the front to make up for the shortage of military equipment with the amount of troops. [Les soldats] It will essentially become cannon fodder for the Russians.”

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