Expenses in the General Counsel Office | The Secretary-General is currently in Brazil

Expenses in the General Counsel Office |  The Secretary-General is currently in Brazil

The secretary general of Montreal’s Office of Public Counsel (OCPM), which was at the center of the expense account scandal, is currently in Brazil.

Guy Grenier, whose travel and restaurant expenses have been reduced by Quebecor since last Friday, is participating in an international conference in Rio de Janeiro.

He participates in a 45-minute panel discussion related to the recent establishment of Longueuil’s Office of Public Engagement. The president of this organization, Julie Caron Malenfant, is also participating in the event hosted by Elise Naude, one of its employees.

Quebecor revealed a few days ago that with approximately fifteen employees, OCPM was the City of Montreal’s most expensive service in representation expenses. The organization’s staff visited Spain, Mexico, Brazil, England, Tunisia, Morocco, Australia, Switzerland, Ivory Coast and Mozambique.

On Tuesday, the mayor of Montreal asked the OCPM to call its secretary-general into the fold.

“It is unacceptable for him to be there now. He should be here to answer questions,” Mr.I Plant.

She stressed that the mayor strongly criticized the position of the president of the OCPM, Isabel Beaulieu, who “ran away” in front of the TVA cameras. “I’m very disappointed, because we didn’t hear it in any way.” The Auditor General of Montreal will be tasked with looking into the organization’s management andI Beaulieu will be summoned before a general committee of the municipal council.

Moreover, MI Plante continued to unreservedly support the Chairman of its Executive Committee, Dominique Olivier, who led OCPM from 2014 to 2021.

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On the other hand, the opposition leader in the city council continued to demand the resignation of Al-Sayyid.I Oliver.

Arif Salem said: “We have a lot of questions and no answers,” referring to the “double standards” in the mayor’s approach. “There is a problem today on a moral level, on an ethical level. »

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