Elon Musk confirms that the spacecraft is ready for take-off

Elon Musk confirms that the spacecraft is ready for take-off

The ping-pong game between Elon Musk and the US agency responsible for regulating the aviation sector is in full swing. At stake is the granting of permission for the next orbital test flight of Starship 25 and Super Heavy Booster 9. Since last week, the two prototypes have been placed on the launch pad at Starbase (Boca Chica Village, Texas).

SpaceX says it’s ready to take off, but the FAA doesn’t appear to be in as much of a rush as the airline. Last weekend, it was announced that the investigation into the Starship test flight on April 20, which ended with the self-destruction of the missile, was closed. In its response, the FAA asked SpaceX to apply 63″ corrective actions » Before obtaining a new flight licence.

Elon Musk puts his feet in the plate

Elon Musk reacted With a touch of sarcasm in asking for a list of 63 reforms. He has it He pointed out that ” More than a thousand » Changes have been made to the Starship and Super Heavy since the last flight. This Sunday, he was back in charge and without transfers.

Taking public opinion as a witness, he published the aforementioned list. Musk congratulates SpaceX teams on implementing 57 of the 63 requested modifications. The billionaire adds that the six pending reforms are expected to “ Later flights “. In other words, only the administrative slowness of the Federal Aviation Administration prevents the spacecraft from taking off. Will the American authorities appreciate this method of communication? To be continued…

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