Due to his severe illness, winner Salvador Sobral stops his professional career

Due to his severe illness, winner Salvador Sobral stops his professional career

“It is no secret that my health is fragile. I will have to take care of myself and that is why I will have to retire from the scene for a while.”

The 27-year-old singer who, this spring, It gave Portugal its first Eurovision win He explained that he will give a final concert on Friday in Estoril before starting his vacation, which he hopes will be “temporary.”

“I will be back soon,” he stressed, especially in response to some media outlets that indicated that he would only have “three months to live.”

Will he be at Eurovision 2018?

According to the Portuguese press, Salvador Sobral suffers from serious heart problems, which the singer has never confirmed, preferring not to answer in detail questions related to the medical condition he suffers from.

In May, he arrived a week after the other candidates in Kiev (Ukraine), where the competition was held. Eurovision. His sister had obtained permission from the organizers to take his place during the first training sessions. May 13, with his song Ammar Bellos DoisSalvador Sobral defeated the Bulgarian candidate by obtaining 758 points.

The upcoming Eurovision Song Contest It will be held in May 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal). Tradition requires that the winner of the previous edition perform during the final and present the trophy to the new winner. So the presence of Salvador Sobral would be a good sign.

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