Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson Make Extremists Dream: The American Nightmare

Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson Make Extremists Dream: The American Nightmare

As Joe Biden plays a balancing role in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, his presumptive opponent is already talking about his potential running mates in the 2024 campaign.

Last week 45H The president hinted he might consider Tucker Carlson.

Trump and Carlson: a stormy relationship

During the lawsuit filed between Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News earlier this year, a large number of private messages written by the network’s stars were revealed.

We were then able to discover all the hypocrisy of many of them who, after relaying the former president’s lies to their audience, admitted Trump’s defeat in 2020.

Tucker Carlson’s numerous emails or text messages left no doubt about his opinion of the New York businessman. Carlson considered him particularly evil, and only good at destroying things: “He’s the undisputed world champion at that“Nothing less than a world champion in this field!”

Even more difficult is that the former host admitted that he hates Trump intensely, calling him a satanic destroyer: “It is a satanic, destructive force. But it will not destroy usThen he claimed that he had been dreaming of the moment he left the White House four years ago.

Dual shock

Once news of the potential alliance between the demagogues began to spread, everything that had been roaring among ultraconservatives and within the far right began to roar. Trump and Carlson seem to enjoy the chaos and their rhetoric is similar.

Not only do the two men know how to rally their supporters, but they complement each other well. While Trump is impulsive and optimistic, Carlson has a strategic and precise personality. Carlson, who is more dangerous than Trump, knows exactly what he is doing.

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The duo actually met last summer. When Trump turned up his nose at the first Republican debate, he interviewed Carlson on Channel X (formerly Twitter). The presenter ignored revealing his hate messages towards the former president, and instead claimed that he loves him.

Nothing has been decided yet, but we know that the two men are never shy about reaching a good agreement and that the means of achieving their goals do not matter much. If you add political power to the lure of profit, they will be ready for anything.

Our neighbors are there in 2023. A former president whose many collaborators found themselves behind bars, and a former president who never stops settling his scores in court, could join a host considered highly destructive to a network condemned to pay $787 million for its aid. He lies.

The scariest? They both flirt with the far right, and their supporters are keen to take their words seriously. As long as we know the date of the twentiethH century, and we know where this could lead…

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