Daniel Otwell on a poetry tour at the Jura Theatre

At the time of counting, Robert Sandoz, director of Théâtre du Jura, had enough to wear a big smile. He and his team have far exceeded the target they set for the 2021-2022 season.

During this introduction, the cultural fair received nearly 33,000 visitors, including the opening, where 10,000 people wandered between its new walls. “For a theater, it’s huge!” exclaims Robert Sandoz, director of the Delmontein Foundation. So it received 23,000 spectators in the narrow sense, while it was hoping for 18,000 spectators.

For the theater man, this success is the result of 40 years of impatiently stamping on the Jurassic for a stage. “It was not a negative expectation. In every village, a theater troupe was created. The Jura audience has been around for decades. It is a quality audience that we have been able to reach through our programs,” explains the artist.

Another figure that reveals residents’ enthusiasm for their theater is a room occupancy rate of 85%. Several dates have been sold out, such as concerts by Angelique Kidjo and Kerry James, as well as performances by Cirque Le Roux, Omar Baras and Yvette Theroulas.

Forty-one appointments plus many more

For the 2022-2023 season, which opens on September 18, the theater team has designed an eclectic program like the first, in order to cater to a wide range of tastes. About 41 proposals are presented to the audience, not counting midi theatre, off-season performances, mediation proceedings, subject weeks or even workshops.

The headline for this undoubtedly rich and diverse list is Daniel Otwell who will be coming to the stage on January 25, for an impromptu musical and poetic show. German singer Ayo will be the other big name in this lineup. Born to a Nigerian father and a Gypsy mother, the musician with a unique love of sound, soul and blues influences will premiere on November 15.

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On the musical side, the Lusitan community will leap for joy when Katia Guerrero, Queen of Fado, arrives. “For the Portuguese, it’s Johnny Hallyday. She knows how to do that emotional fado, but she also champions a more sunny and dancing fado,” explains Robert Sandoz.

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