The new science fiction series Halo from April 28 on Canal +.

To discover the first two episodes of Halo on Thursday, April 28 in the evening on Canal + or on myCANAL.

Science fiction series starring Pablo Schreiber, Natasha McKillon, Jane Taylor, Shabana Azmy, Natasha Kolzak.

“A true gaming phenomenon, an icon of the Xbox franchise with 82 million copies sold since 2001, HALO is reborn as a sci-fi series; nine episodes in stunning visual language, centered around morals, the thirst for freedom and one’s place in a galaxy organized around supra-artificial intelligence. They follow the battles Military and character of Major John-117, a superhuman soldier, played by Pablo Schreiber (American Gods). Alongside him, in particular, Dr. Hasley/Natasha McElhone (CALIFORNICATION), a brilliant and unfathomable scientist, is the symbol of the imperfection responsible for the survival of mankind.”

Beginning: In the year 2552, on the planet Madrigal… Under the influence of the UN Security Council, rebellious humans are fighting for their independence. But a violent attack by aliens from the Covenant Alliance re-shuffles the cards. Coming from the planet, Reach, headquarters of the UN Security Council, Major John 117 and his team of Spartans – superhumans like him – join the rebels to fight the aliens. The major discovers that covenant powers have been trying to extract a UFO from one of the walls. He returns to Reach with the object, but also with Kwan, the sole survivor of the Madrigal massacre.

Adrien Szabo / Paramount +

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