Buffalo massacre | Work meticulously prepared for months

The media revealed on Tuesday that Saturday’s racist massacre at a Buffalo supermarket, perpetrated by a white American supremacist youth that killed ten people from the black community, had been meticulously orchestrated for months. Hundreds of messages online from the alleged killer.

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New York Police Chief Joseph Grammaglia announced Monday night that the suspected killer made a reconnaissance trip to the town of Lake Erie on the US border in March. The United States and Canada, from his home 300 kilometers south.

according to Washington Post And CNN, which had access to about 600 pages of messages exchanged on the Discord and 4 Chan networks, Payton Gendron, 18, came specifically on March 8 to Buffalo and visited three times – at 12 noon, 14 am and 4 pm – At Top Supermarket, which he attacked on Saturday, to do some exploring.

On March 8, an “armed black security guard” from the merchants nearly confused him, fascinated by the frequent presence of this white young man. In a letter published two days later, Payton Gendron wrote that he would “have to kill this Topps security guard” and that he “hopes that he (the latter) will not kill him or even harm him.”

Haris, a retired policeman, was fatally shot at the entrance to the supermarket on Saturday.

Gendron also wrote in December that he wanted to kill black people and in February he targeted a Tops supermarket in a Buffalo neighborhood due to its high proportion of African Americans, according to Washington Post.

The newspaper also reviewed the young man’s 180-page statement, which describes himself as “a mere white man who seeks to protect and serve my community, my people, my culture and my race.”

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According to the authorities, this text, which was published before the massacre, links the alleged killer to white supremacy, the conspiracy of the far-right and adherents of the racist theory of the “Great Alternative”.

The manifest pages present, minute by minute, the attack, military equipment, camera and broadcast on the Twitch platform.

Payton Gendron is currently on trial for “premeditated murder” and is due to appear before a judge again on Thursday, with authorities charging him with a “racist hate crime” and an act of “internal terrorism”.

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