Associations, social institutions.. Behind the beautiful values, employees are suffering

Can you complain about your working conditions when you have secured a place for yourself in the voluntary sector or in one of the virtuous companies in the ESS sector? after every thing, “there is worse” : you can, for example “series”.

When they hear these phrases from employers, the authors “Don’t complain, it’s not the factory” (Nate Issue, March 2020) Lili Zalzette and Stella Fenn agree. Admittedly, they don’t count their hours, but they do have a chance to work for a good cause and get to know their boss.

A few years later, upon leaving the Association, this scene would return to them. admittedly, “There is worse.” But what they see in their book is the suffering with which some of the 1.8 million employees in the voluntary sector find themselves, precarious, overcommitted, subject at times to brutal hierarchies, and feeling, moreover, guilt for not doing more for the cause.

“We tried to look at how associations work, with the primary aim of writing a text, which we hope association workers can use first to say to themselves: Ah, yeah, it does in my box, too. And it’s not my fault. And it’s not from me. »type the

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