Diarrhea outbreak in Maniema: more than 250 patients and a few deaths in Kabambari

Diarrhea outbreak in Maniema: more than 250 patients and a few deaths in Kabambari

Kabambari Province, located in Maniema Province, is currently facing a diarrhea epidemic. More than 250 cases have been reported so far, with some deaths, although the outbreak has not been officially declared by the relevant authorities. Regional MP Théophile Bolelé Docta raised the alarm by describing the situation as a cholera epidemic, based on local information.

According to the elected official, the situation has continued for about two weeks, with health zones particularly affected, particularly Kalunda Kibuyo, Kapia and Chuki.

“The health situation in the Kabambari region, and specifically in the Babuyo sector, is more than alarming and calls for our responsibility,” Théophile Bolelé Docta declared. “The information we have indicates that a cholera epidemic broke out two weeks ago in several villages in the Kalunda Kibuyo, Kabiya and Chuki health zones. According to local sources, we have already recorded a small number of deaths, as well as more deaths. 250 cases of illness, management is inadequate and not responsive Effective for patients’ real needs.

The local team called on the competent authorities and health organizations to intervene urgently to help the affected residents.

He added, “Residents do not know where to go, due to the lack of medical supplies and medicines.” “For this reason, given the scale of this health emergency and to prevent catastrophic consequences, we urge the Maniema District Government to take responsible health measures to eradicate this devastating disease afflicting this area of ​​the district. We call on NGOs and other health actors To come to the aid of the population to save human lives, because human life is sacred.”

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Cholera is an acute diarrheal disease caused by bacteria transmitted through contaminated water and food. Its symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramps. In severe cases, cholera can lead to severe dehydration and death.

At present, the health authorities in Maniema have not officially confirmed the spread of the cholera epidemic.

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