Archduke Karl married Habsburg Lorraine in Portugal

His divorce was a secret and his remarriage was just as much. Archduke Karl of Habsburg-Lorraine, pretender to the imperial throne of Austria, the royal throne of Hungary and the thrones of various regions of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, remarried in Portugal, in the Portuguese style of Christian Reid.

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Archduke Karl of Austria married Christian Reed

He married Archduke Karl of Habsburg-Lorraine, 61, grandson of the last Emperor Charles I of Austria, in Portugal, his new wife’s country. The Archduke, who had been separated for many years from the mother of his three children, confirmed that he was divorced, revealing in the process that he had shared his life with Christian Reed.

In 1993, Archduke Karl of Habsburg-Lorraine, son of Archduke Otto and Princess Regina of Saxe-Meiningen, said yes to Francesca, daughter of Baron Hans Thyssen-Bornemisza of Caszon, Impervalva and Fiona Campbell-Walter. Karl and Francesca, better known as Chase, have three children: Archduchess Eleanor, Archduke Ferdinand-Zvonimir and Archduchess Gloria, born 1994, 1997 and 1999.

Archduke Charles of Habsburg-Lorraine (Karl Habsburg-Loringen) with his second wife, Christian Reed, at the wedding of Prince Alexander of Schaumburg-Lorraine, in October 2021 (Photo: Moritz Frankenberg / DPA / ABACAPRESS.COM)

The couple separated in 2003 and both have rebuild their lives on their side. However, they remained married for the sake of convenience. In November 2019, an article by financial times I simply mentioned that Francesca is coming ‘For a recent amicable divorce’. Apart from this half of the sentence, the couple did not confirm the news publicly. Finally, during an interview the Archduke gave to Kronen Zeitung At the end of November 2020, he confirmed his divorce and expressed his love for Christian Reed.

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An intimate wedding in a very limited circle

Kronen Zeitung It reveals that the Archduke was to pass the ring on the finger of Christian Reid, whose full name is Christian Nicolau de Almeida Reed, in the spring of 2022. The same Austrian media wrote that we do not know ” Not much “ From this union, however, the Archduke agreed to confirm the information. “I have always tried to keep my intimate life private, which is why we only got married in the presence of the closest circle”said the grandson of the Emperor of Austria. He adds in his heart beats: “She is a wonderful woman. Now she is my wonderful wife.”

according to hiotChristian Reed is a successful businesswoman, who belongs to a large Portuguese family. Although it was not until the end of 2020 that the claimant to the throne of Austria officially introduces his companion to us, this person was already filmed on his part. In June 2019, she was photographed with Karl in Salzburg, in the presence of Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche, who heads the Center for Buddhist Studies near Scharnstein.

Already in 2017, Karl Habsburg was accompanied by Christian Reid during a cocktail party with Indian businessman Arvind Singh Mewar, himself a claimant to the throne of a former Indian monarch. Christian is the daughter of Robin Reed and Elsa Anderson with Nicolao de Almeida. The family comes from Porto’s aristocracy. She hails from the UK alongside her father. Robin Reid has run Croft Port since 1962, according to decanter. From his mother, Christian also uses the title Countess, as happened in the 1980s when she and her sisters Joanna and Wendy tried to break into the music business. Subsequently, the three Portuguese countesses created a girl group called Brazil.

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As heir to the last emperor of Austria, Charles Habsburg inherited many claims to the different thrones that belonged to the empire until its abolition in 1918. If the monarchy had not been abolished, it would have been for example today the King of Hungary, the King of Bohemia, the King of Croatia, the King of Galicia and Ludomeria, or Even the Prince of Transylvania or the Grand Duke of Krakow.

Otto of Habsburg – Lorraine celebrates his 80th birthday in November 1992, surrounded by his family. His wife, Princess Regina of Saxe-Meningen, his eldest son and future wife Charles and Francesca, his second son and one of his daughters, George and Walburga. (Photo: Istvan Bagzat / DPA / ABACAPRESS.COM)

Emperor Charles I’s son, Archduke Otto, was head of the imperial house in Austria from 1922 until 2007, when he “abdicated” in favor of his eldest son Karl. Otto died in 2011 and his wife Regina in 2010. After 5 daughters, Otto and Regina had a son, Karl, and a second son, George. Karl married Francesca in 1993 and they have one son: Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir. Ferdinand, a 23-year-old racing driver, is the heir to his father. Charles and Francesca also had two daughters: Archduchess Gloria and Archduchess Eleanor. Gloria Madani married Belgian racing driver Jerome D’Ambrosio in 2020.

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