“all lights are green”

“all lights are green”

In a delicate context that could be stormy depending on the course of the meeting, the Portuguese Amiens showed seriousness and control presenting themselves with complete calm scalping Gamaches (3-0), last Sunday to count the twelfth day of Régional 2. All while displaying very interesting values ​​for the rest of the season According to Benoît Sturbois. interview.

Benoît, the Portuguese of Amiens knew how to avoid the Gamaches trap. What is your analysis after this precious victory?

It’s a well-deserved victory, there’s nothing to say. Some Gamaches supporters even acknowledged our team’s superiority. Anyway, at 3-0, there is no smoke without fire. Gamaches have a penalty kick that could allow them to go back 1-1 and not make a changeover. This could be the turning point in the match, as they had just conceded the opener. But at the back, that wasn’t what would stop us from scoring the second goal after an attacking free-kick to them and a quick transition where we would punish them. In any case, the victory is well deserved. The very complex terrain made us feel less comfortable than usual. Therefore, we played with other values, notably by showing ourselves aggressively in duels, like Jonathan Isambert who fought in the airspace. We’ve won countless duels in the back. They have two or three chances but Demba (Gningue) does the job every time, including one last chance at 3-0. Everyone played their part, it’s a well deserved victory. It’s a really good job.

In line with the game against Nogent that you know how to return. The Portuguese Amiens managed to show other virtues that will be essential in this second part of the season …

exactly. We’re getting along with our last games by winning and showing a solid, fighting face. We know it is never easy to win at Gamaches. It’s very encouraging, knowing that we’re only beginning the comeback phase. On the way there was arbitration controversy, I don’t know what controversy they will find. We remain focused, on our desire to move forward with the possibility of surfing the Internet with good dynamism. We will have a cup break where some will be able to show their abilities, before two big home matches against Saint-Maximin and Chevrier. Today, we still want to ignore the rankings, because if Chevrières just lost Saint Maximin, they’re close to the first two places at the same time. In the midst of it all, there’s always Abbeville who’s out there. So we will have big matches in the coming weeks.

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Just over halfway through the season, you are the leader, the best offense, and also the best defense in the tournament. What can really get in your way on this upward path?

Overconfidence, some relaxation and the belief that the hardest part is already done. All of that could really interfere with us in this second part of the season. On the other hand, if we maintain the same rigor in action, the same desire and the same solidarity, we must end this tournament in the best possible way. A poor performance against Saint-Maximin, which is moreover at home, could cast doubt for the rest of the tournament. We still have to be very careful, even if we have shown mental and collective maturity in recent matches. There was a clear improvement in this area compared to previous years and even at the beginning of the season.

I’d really like the team to keep working and not find themselves having to fight back again.

The group has made a big step in this aspect. We’ve really grown up, we’re more mature in the game and especially mentally. We tell ourselves that we have certainty, that we can play artificially, control head and shoulders, and win the game. We are also able to play on a disgusting turf pitch, set other values ​​and also win by a huge margin. We were able to absorb the defeat quickly at Abbeville. Today, all lights are green. I’d really like the team to keep working and not find themselves having to fight back again.

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Gamaches – Portuguese Amiens: 0-3 (0-2)

Day 12 of Regional 2

Serge Lelio Stadium, Gamaches

Referee: Mr. Moutardier

Goals: Da Vega (12 points), Isambart (46 points), Beam (88 points)

Portuguese Amiens: Gningue – Ameur, Devauchelle, Seguenebou, Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier – Da Veiga, Isambart, Idez – Reynold

Alternatives: Wable, Piim, Poidevin

Coach: Benoit Storbois

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