Alfa Romeo will unveil its supercar on August 30 | Auto News

Alfa Romeo will unveil its supercar on August 30 |  Auto News

Things are finally working out at Alfa Romeo. While we witness the debut of the new Tonale SUV, we now have a date to present the supercar promised by the Italian company.

On August 30, therefore, we will have the first glimpse of this model awaiting fans of the brand. Confirmation came directly from the big boss, Jean-Philippe Imbrato, who was at China’s side to introduce modified versions of the Giulia and Stelvio models.

The new supercar is important for the manufacturer, because it may be the last car with a combustion engine in the history of the manufacturer, if, of course, nothing changes in terms of legislation.

Jean-Philippe Imbrato does not hide his enthusiasm for this model: “This project is a dream come true, inspired by a bold team that wanted to achieve something unique.”

Photo: Alfa Romeo

Details of the future Alfa Romeo 6C

To mark this announcement, the company has released a new image that will make our mouths water. We will remember that at the beginning of the year we were offered one of the car’s headlights. what are you expecting ? Rumors go in all directions.

The company has already hinted at a retro design, potentially inspired by the awesome T33 Stradale. The supercar is expected to adopt the 6C name, which makes sense given the fire design already on display, but that’s all yet to be clarified. All will also indicate the presence of a 6-cylinder engine under the hood. Again, a small deduction if we consider that the 4C was powered by a 4-cylinder, the 8C by a V8. And Alfa Romeo has an in-line 6-cylinder, 2.9-liter turbo unit that powers the Quadrifoglio versions of the Giulia and Stelvio. It normally makes 505 horsepower, but it offers 540 with the GTA variant of the Giulia. We might expect a little more for this final 6C.

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The expected model will have limited printing. We are in fact talking about a flagship product, a signature as the company has often presented it to us during its history. The 8C that preceded it was produced with an average of 829 copies (500 Coupes and 329 Convertibles).

You’ll also have to expect a hefty bill, but since this model will be a collector’s classic, some will see it as an investment.

The world premiere of this creation will take place in Arese, in the Alfa Romeo Museum, in northern Italy.

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