After his legendary transfer, Cristiano Ronaldo was shattered

After his legendary transfer, Cristiano Ronaldo was shattered

The illustrious footballer of the 90s, Eric Cantona also distinguished himself during his career. Whether through film appearances, advertisements, or even through his powerful statements, King Éric has always been able to get people talking about him in one way or another. In his last appearance to date, he took the opportunity to tackle the CR7.

went in Saudi Arab on the side of theVictoryCristiano Ronaldo disappointed a lot of people: whether it was his most ardent supporters, who didn’t want to see him leave Europe, or even some who didn’t understand why. Portuguese He does not end his career. under fire from critics, Cristiano Ronaldo opinion Eric Cantona Fall on him during an interview Manchester Evening News.

“He is no longer 25 years old!”

“It’s not United that he left anymore and maybe they don’t realize that things have changed. You might be surprised that a lot has changed. I think you have two types of players at the end of their careers. Me, you decide to retire young (at the age of 30). Then there are those who want to play until The age of 40. There are also those who want to play every game because they still think they are 25 years old and those who realize that they are not 25 years old anymore and that they are there to help young players, they know that they are not going to play every game.”the verdict Eric Cantona, before adding another layer.

Cristiano Ronaldo must assume his age

“Some accept getting old… I have to accept that someday I will die. And the end of a career is like death. It’s a young death. You have to start something else. Before you die, you get old and you have to accept getting old. You can sing until you’re old.” You’re 80, and you can do comedy until you’re 80, but footballers or athletes know that after 30, 33, it’s getting harder physically every day. You have to accept it, otherwise you’ll retire, or you’ll help the younger generation. It’s a transfer. “. The message is clear!

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