Guardians of the Galaxy Animation, Anna Groot, brings us some never-before-seen details!

Guardians of the Galaxy Animation, Anna Groot, brings us some never-before-seen details!

Who does not know Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy? But this time, it’ll be on Disney+ because it’s getting its own animated series this summer.

As promised by Disney+ during its Investor Day at the end of 2020, the big-eared giant is keen to enrich its platform. He announced several upcoming movies and series to support the high subscription prices.

Among these, the production caught our attention, “I’m Groot”. It is an animated show based on a character from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Disney +: Groot will have his own series

Groot is considered the worst in the galaxy, an amazing character. Vin Diesel plays the beloved Marvel hero. The latter guarantees dubbing of the character in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese but also in French.

He had trouble pronouncing “I am Groot” correctly, and he turned it into “My name is good.” Since then, we have kept that copy. Groot is a giant plantsTravels in the galaxy with Guardians of the Galaxy. This Disney+ superhero was created by screenwriter Stan Lee and cartoonist Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

Evolve in the Marvel universe for a homeMarvel Comics Edition. This fictional character first appeared in the comic book Tales to Astonish in November 1960. Because it is a plant, Groot needs water and wood to heal. In order to increase his physical strength, he must grow taller. Moreover, its usual size is between 4 and 5 meters.

This character is a friend raccoon rocket. The latter is one of his mission companions. These companions, who are known to be very peaceful, can always count on him if necessary.

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About what is it really?

Before, Disney+ has been silent on its news Animation series. In fact, the platform hasn’t released much about it. Only we were able to figure out that it is a series of short films that will not depend on each other. And that this series will depend on the past of an extraterrestrial plant being. The official release is scheduled for this summer.

Marvel hinted that Peter Quil would attend. Which leads us to expect Chis Pratt in the voice role of Star Lord. Broadcasting this new series will be a way for Disney+ to maintain its subscribers. In fact, the release date is planned from next August 10. In this new series, Disney + will present us with a collection of 5 movable shorts Its star is Baby Groot.

However, the latter appeared only in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2”. Continuing this series will allow us to follow the new adventures of groot through the stars. Baby Groot only recently appeared in the MCU, and quickly won the hearts of fans.

This animated series will mainly appeal to young people. But at the same time, an opportunity for Disney + to switch to: Episode Guardians of the Galaxy: Special Holiday. The latter is scheduled to be released at the end of the year, succeeding Hokkai.

Disney + will highlight Baby Groot

In November 2021, it was announced that Kirsten Lepore would serve as director and producer for the series. The latter will not be associated with the continuity of the Guardians of the Galaxy films. It will mainly focus on the youth and first problems of Baby Groot. It will be airing on Disney+ to bring back Baby Groot and sell more merchandise.

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On theBaby Groot’s photo Presented by Disney+, we see Groot with his Star-lord Walkman. To his right are little white creatures hiding behind an air freshener tree. These last two were not yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is still difficult to determine whether they will become friends or enemies. One thing is for sure, we’re all impatient for August 10th to finally discover what Marvel has in store for us.

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