After an 18-hour delay, he is the only passenger on a flight

After an 18-hour delay, he is the only passenger on a flight

If some are content with an empty seat next to them during the flight, imagine having the entire plane to yourself. This was the scenario dreamed up by Phil Stringer, who was to fly from Oklahoma to North Carolina at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The morning flight that an American Airlines customer booked was delayed by storms that caused more than 9,000 cancellations or delays over the weekend.

Stringer, a realtor, told CNN that the move has been delayed at least seven times. Other passengers who were scheduled to take this flight either changed course or forgo the departure altogether.

Stringer wait 6 p.m. By the time the plane finally took off, just after midnight, he was the only one on the plane.

He filmed the process and posted a video on TikTok to show off the unique experience.

“I’m the only person on board and they have a full crew. They don’t want to do this robbery.” They called them all back from the hotel to come and do this one-on-one trip.”

Stringer portrayed a baggage handler who asserted he only loaded one bag onto the plane and a laughing agent as he announced his boarding over rows of empty seats, followed by a demonstration of flight attendant safety procedures.

The flight reached its destination at 3:35 am. Stringer got home around 7 am. He told CNN affiliate WSOC-TV: “He took a shower and went to work without closing his eyes.

“I feel bad [pour l’équipage]They were at their hotel, they were sleeping. I was like, ‘Oh my God, they really had to come here for me.’ Maybe as penance, they were joking that I wouldn’t have peanuts or pretzels.”

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However, even on their own, a passenger is never safe from travel glitches: With a nearly 75% rate of lost baggage at US airports, the traveler is damned.

Her bag had been “misplaced” for 45 minutes upon arrival…

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