A scientific meeting for everyone at the Museum of Arts and Crafts: “Journey to Infinity”

A scientific meeting for everyone at the Museum of Arts and Crafts: “Journey to Infinity”

What are the main challenges posed by science and technology today? Come Meet the authors of new books about culture and scientific discoveries. A program for enlightened amateurs or simply curious people!

This cycle of meetings is organized At the Museum of Arts and CraftsIn partnership with the “Sciences for All” group of the National Publishing Federation.

The next meeting will be held on Friday, February 9, 2024 from 7 pm to 8:30 pm on “Voyage vers l'infini” (published by Michel Lafon), followed by an autograph meeting with its author, Christophe Julphar.

Christophe Gelfard It invites the reader to an unprecedented journey, the story of the universe that begins on Earth, crosses the Milky Way and reaches the limits of the universe. Thanks to James Webb, the most powerful space telescope ever built, we dive into colliding galaxies, where the first stars are born.

From the Tarantula Nebula to the Pillars of Creation, including giant black holes, each image is accompanied by a description highlighting the scientific phenomena captured by James Webb and the advances made thanks to these observations.

behind the sky, Christophe Gelfard It reveals how to read the light reaching us, but also current challenges for astronomy and astrophysics, as well as future perspectives for space exploration.

Christophe Gelfard French writer and scientist.
Centralien, PhD in theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge, is a student of the famous cosmologist Stephen Hawking, and is a best-selling author George and the secrets of the universe (2006, co-written with S. Hawking) or even The universe is at your fingertips (2015). Because he is committed to imparting scientific knowledge to as many people as possible, he has already spoken as a speaker to more than a million people around the world.

Registration at the Art Museum and the Meters website

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