Sephiroth Dishes eliminate over 59,000 damage with one Giga Flare in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sephiroth Dishes eliminate over 59,000 damage with one Giga Flare in Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate

It would never happen in a match but he’s still cool

Sephiroth is of course one of the most iconic villains in video game history, so it seems fitting that he also ends up being the character with the most potential damage in all of Super Smash Bros’ games. Ultimate.

Content makers Nintendo console I recently compiled a video detailing how Sephiroth’s Giga Flare, which causes damage by 47 percent, can be improved by more than a dozen different multiples to increase that number above 59,000.

This unknown amount of impact is achieved through the use of items, lives, stage hazards, auxiliary rewards and some exploitation of some menu options that many players may not have touched before.

The biggest damage increase actually comes from the Vince Assist Trophy as it multiplies the damage under his board by three which also accumulates / combines with Sephiroth’s special winged shape, Franklin badges for reflection multipliers, plus Dark Emperor from the Find Mii stage – who can apparently cause Increase his damage by 1.78 times.

Giga Flare must also perform to its absolute maximum against Shulk, since Buster’s art inflicts 1.3 times damage from incoming attacks, plus Sephiroth must be boosted in Custom Balance options as well.

What really pushes the neutral special over the edge is the fact that it technically hits many times at a full charge, so the combined multipliers lead to a bunch of hits that deal more than 5,000 percent each before the final blowout deals over 16,000 for a total of 59,275 percent.

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One more thing is that Sephiroth can deal over 100,000 damage if it reaches the final Giga Flare reversal with the Home Run Bat, but that wasn’t taken into account in the setup here because that would technically require the Final Fantasy villain to perform the second attack.

If you want to blow your mind like Shulk health bar from Smash science, we highly suggest you take a look at the full Nintendo Unity video below to go through the step-by-step process.

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