A Portuguese magazine devotes a special issue to Morocco's tourism potential

A Portuguese magazine devotes a special issue to Morocco's tourism potential

The Portuguese monthly magazine “Observador” devoted its latest issue for the month of December to talking about the diverse and attractive tourism potential that the Kingdom enjoys.

The Portuguese magazine confirmed that Morocco has “important and attractive” tourism potential, noting that “the picturesque and diverse landscapes and unique climate make the Kingdom an excellent tourist destination all year round.”

In this tourist guide dedicated to Morocco, which took nearly a year to prepare, the publication notes that “the 400 kilometers that separate southern Portugal from western Morocco are sufficient to discover the magic of the Kingdom’s beauty and its irresistible beauty.” The attractiveness of its tourism assets.”

From the snowy peak of Toubkal to the heat of the sand dunes of the Moroccan desert, passing through the magic of the Berber regions surrounding the Atlas Range, to the Rif mountains in the northeast of the Kingdom, the trip allows you to discover the essence of the country’s identity and the magic of its tourist charm. The review continues.

According to the editorial of this issue, there are several reasons that encourage tourists to choose Morocco, including the various historical and cultural experiences that the Kingdom offers to every visitor who falls under the charm of the authenticity and uniqueness of the local population.

Through texts and images, the magazine highlights the beauty of many Moroccan tourist attractions, and highlights the enthusiasm of foreign tourists for Marrakesh.

“It only takes a few minutes of wandering through its squares, riads and alleys to connect not only with Morocco, but with the whole world,” one wrote, describing a dynamic and ever-evolving city and a magnet for many visitors from different countries around the world.

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The magazine also returns to the secret of the city of Ouarzazate, where many international Hollywood films were filmed, noting that “this mystery is explained by its geographical location and its extremely picturesque natural environment.”

The publication also evokes Merzouga, the dream of adventure, cinema classics and unforgettable life experiences.

The Observador also presents special articles on other Moroccan cities and sites, such as Tangier, which over more than two centuries has combined the characteristics of different worlds, making it a favorite destination for many artists searching for inspiration.

It is also Rabat, the capital of the country, which is full of urban, cultural, civilizational and historical monuments, according to the publication.

Casablanca, the contemporary city, El Jadida, Fez and Essaouira, which remind the Portuguese of part of their history, were also on the file list.

The magazine varied between history and geography, including civilization, culture and nature, and brought its readers closer to the “tremendous” tourism potential of the Kingdom, and encouraged the public to enjoy the beauty and charm of Morocco, which also provides security and security for the Kingdom. Its visitors.

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