From 3 million people in the heat to 30 thousand people in the snow, Louis Bernardo chose the Cote Nord … to live there!

Luis Bernardo

Portrait of Luis Bernardo of Portugal on this Canadian Day of Multiculturalism.

On this Canadian day for multiculturalism, Arsenal Media spoke with Luis Bernardo of Portugal. He is 35 years old, Louis has been living in September for the past 9 years and intends to continue his life in the Cote Nord region!

His family decided to come and settle in September due to the economic crisis in Europe in early 2010. Greece, Spain, Portugal and several other countries were experiencing great financial instability at that time. Note that his great-uncle, Rogério Bernardo, has been in September for several decades. Rogério arrived at the North Shore in the late 1960s during a great wave of migration and has been living in Sept-Ile for more than 50 years now.

In order to avoid the uncertain fluctuations of the economy in Europe, Lewis and his parents moved to September about 10 years ago. The family also had great job opportunities in this sector. Lewis says moving from Lisbon to Sept-El was a thing! He’s held a front row seat in Winter Quebec for 9 years now. An impressive contrast between a city of 3 million under the heat and a city of 30,000 under meters of snow.

Over the years, Louis has become a fan of winter activities and a true Scandinavian. According to him, immigrants who arrive here are well received and are well integrated, sometimes even better than in the city due to the excellent quality of life. Canadian Multicultural Day honors the many cultural communities that help build a strong and vibrant Canadian community. Lewis is in the process of finalizing his integration into the firefighting team in September. Thus, it will contribute to ensuring the safety of citizens and play an important role in the community by joining the dynamic team of the fire department in September.

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