450,000 admissions in 2021 but a planned sequel to D’Jal!

450,000 admissions in 2021 but a planned sequel to D’Jal!

Sony Pictures launches France

It’s official! comedy Portugal operation It will be the subject of a cinema-exclusive sequel! humorist de gallknown for his sketches about the Portuguese, would come out again before Frank Simmer, as of July 24, when filming began. Both co-signed the script for this second film, the synopsis of which is not known at the moment.

For the record, Operation Portugal was a huge hit (over 450,000 views) in June 2021, in a complicated period for cinema attendance.

The first action in Portugal follows Hakim, 35, a friendly neighborhood cop of Moroccan descent. He must infiltrate Portuguese society for investigative purposes. But can you become Portuguese in three days?

Especially when you know that wise intervention is a catastrophe. His bitterness and bad luck turn his many initiatives into disasters. The suit is clearly too big for him!

Soon caught between his feelings and his mission, Hakim, who lives alone with his mother, will discover a community, but also a family.

This feature film was inspired by the great success of this comedian from the Jamal Comedy Club, the Portuguese playwright, a sequence particularly noted thanks to the laughter of Marrakesh. The video of this scheme (watched from 3min58 in the player above) will garner 20 million views on Youtube.

As director Frank Simeyer explains,this project …

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