219 km / h and 234 km / h, two drivers flashed from Valais in the canton of Vaud

Four drivers, including two Valisa overspeeding, were shown on the “Via Secura” between July 14 and 21 in the canton of Vaud. Besides the Portuguese residing in Valais, two Swiss were denounced.

And this year, 46 cases of violation of drivers were recorded, compared to 40 cases for the year 2021.

Four flashes in one week

On July 14, in the evening, a passenger car flashed on the A9 motorway, between Eagle and St Trivon, at a speed of 224 km / h (219 km / h after the discount) instead of the authorized 120 km / h. On Tuesday, Vaud police announced that the 52-year-old Portuguese driver, who lives in Valais, had been found guilty.

The next day, around 3:56 a.m., a second Portuguese driver, aged 31 and also living in Valais, in the same department, was arrested. He was traveling at 239 km/h (234 km/h after deduction) instead of the authorized 120 km/h.

On the evening of July 14 again, a radar check conducted in Saint-Liver revealed that a passenger car was traveling at 165 km/h after the discount instead of the authorized 80 km/h. Driving the car is a 19-year-old Swiss who lives in the canton of Jura. The young man was denounced.

Finally, on July 21, a 23-year-old Swiss driver based in Morges was disapproved of a speed of 142 km/h after being deducted instead of the authorized 80 km/h. The radar scan was carried out at Bremblens.

Driving is prohibited

The four motorists were interviewed in the presence of a court-appointed lawyer. They admitted the facts and were banned from driving. Criminal proceedings were opened by the Public Prosecution Office.

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Vaud Police calls on users to respect the restrictions. Excessive speed is one of the main causes of traffic accidents that claim the lives of many victims.

The offense of driving is punishable by imprisonment from one to four years, and the withdrawal of the driver’s license for at least two years. Not to mention the confiscation of the used car which can be pronounced by the ruling authority, the police should be called.

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