🔎 Adamantane – Definition and Interpretations

🔎 Adamantane – Definition and Interpretations

L ‘Adamantan or a tricycle[,7]Deccan (Decane is a linear alkane with the chemical formula C10H22 containing 75…) It is a colorless crystalline compound with an odor reminiscent of a scent camphor (Camphor is a solid dicyclic organic compound from the eucalyptus tree, known…). of the form C10h16it is a polycycloalkane and also the simplest of diamonds, a rare term that qualifies compounds that remember certain aspects, here the structure, carbon (Carbon is a chemical element of the family of crystalline substances, symbol C, …) Diamond (Diamond is a mineral composed of carbon (just like graphite and…). Adamantane was discovered in oil (Petroleum is a liquid carbonate rock, or mineral oil. Exploitation…) in 1933. Its name is derived from the Greek word Ἀδάμας (adamas: “indomitable”, from adamastos: “inflexible, unshakable”) because of its structure that mimics the cubic structure of diamond and the suffix Donkey alkanes. Adamantane is the most stable C isomer10h16.


Adamantane was first manufactured by Vladimir Prelog (Vladimir Prelog (July 23, 1906 in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina – January 7, 1998) is…) in 1941. A more practical method was found by Paul von Rague Schleyer in 1957. It consists ofhydrogenation (Hydrogenation is a chemical reaction consisting of the addition of a molecule…) Diclopentadine followed by an intramolecular rearrangement catalyzed by a sour (An acid is a chemical compound that is generally defined by its reactions…):


Adamantane derivatives are used in medicine (Medicine (from the Latin medicine, “that heals”) is science and …)eg amantadine, adapalene, memantine (Memantine is an effective medicinal substance proposed in the treatment of…) or rimantadine. Condensed adamantanes and other diamonds were isolated in small quantities by distillation (Distillation is the process of separating a mixture of liquid substances…) Fractionated petroleum. These vehicles are as interesting as Approximation (The approximation is an approximation, i.e. subtracts…) The molecular structure of cubic diamond, bounded by CH bonds. 1,3-Dehydroadamantane is a member of the propellan family.

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in sum (The total is a complete quality, without exception. From an accounting point of view, a…)All general (The year is a unit of time expressing the duration between two occurrences of a related event…)About 10,000 tons of adamantane and its derivatives are produced.


Adamantane itself has few applications because it is a hydrocarbon without a chemical function. It is used for some photolithography masks in microelectronics. It is also used in editing (Installation is an industrial activity consisting of the manufacture of products…) for some polymers.

For solid-state NMR spectroscopy, adamanatane is a standard reference for chemical transformations.

In dye lasers, adamantanes can be used to extend the range life (Life is the given name 🙂 from the middle booster (We’re talking about a power amplifier for a whole bunch of systems that amplify…) Because it cannot be optically ionized, its ranges fromabsorb (In optics, absorption refers to the process by which the energy of a photon is absorbed…) inultraviolet (Ultraviolet (UV) rays are electromagnetic radiation of length…). The photo-ionization energies of adamantan and several larger diamondoids were determined recently (in 2007).


Many particles adopt diamond type cage structure. Particularly useful compounds with this type of structure are P4a6as such4a6s4a10 (= (PO)4a6) , s4s10 (= (ps)4s6) Wen4(CH2)6.

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