Two children steal their mother’s car and are caught 320 kilometers away

Two children steal their mother’s car and are caught 320 kilometers away

A 10-year-old boy behind the wheel of a car belonging to his mother was pulled over in North Florida early Thursday morning after driving more than 200 miles.

The young offender allegedly stole his mother’s car along with his 11-year-old sister after confiscating their electronic devices, CNN reports.

Alachua County Police officers discovered the vehicle and had to perform a “high-risk” intervention to stop the vehicle.

After speaking with the children, the officers determined that they were not victims of abuse and therefore allowed them to return home with their mother.

She drove three hours to pick them up and did not file a complaint against them.

Since the only crime committed by children is driving without a driver’s license, and it is impossible for a minor to be charged with that in the state of Florida, the two young criminals escaped without charge.

However, Alachua police confirmed in a Facebook post that they spoke for several minutes with the mother, who was “receptive” to authorities’ recommendations regarding what assistance she could request to help her care for her children.

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