More than 7 million Europeans involved

Inferiority and ignorance

Basic recommendations, but they are far from being respected by everyone. On the other hand, because many still believe that sunburn predisposes the skin to tanning. Secondly, because of the lack of specialists. Thus, there are only 4,000 dermatologists in France, as reported by Pierre Hamann of the Society of Young Dermatologists to our colleagues in France Info. They are often concentrated in large cities, many of which are approaching retirement age. The result, very long delays – up to 6 or 8 months in some cases – to get an appointment.

No wonder cases of skin cancer are not declining. In a recent survey by the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology of 44,689 adults in 27 countries, 1.71% of participants said they had skin cancer. Which makes it possible, in comparison with the general population, to estimate the number of cases on the continent at 7,304 000. The authors predict an increase in the number of cancer cases by more than 40% by 2040.

That is why it is necessary, according to Professor Marie Aleth Richard of La Timon University Hospital in Marseille and the study’s lead author, “to implement new preventive measures against skin cancer, which has an excellent prognosis if caught early”. Among the actions that will be implemented, “Strengthening the protection of children and adolescents is key to reducing the risks of these tumors later in life,” she continues. How do ? For example by ‘regulating the use of sunbeds as medical devices and not as simple consumer products’.

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