TSMC will launch chip manufacturing etched at 3nm this week

TSMC will launch chip manufacturing etched at 3nm this week

TSMC’s first 3nm chips will go into production this week. Report for DigiTimes Indicates that the kick-off will begin on December 29: the company must organize a party in Southern Taiwan Science Park. The foundry must explain its plans to expand production of 3nm chips.

TSMC factory in Taiwan.

The question now is whether the future M2 Pro chip (which we expect to see in the next MacBook Pro) will take advantage of this new burn process. in june, Numbers Certain That the first generation M2 Pro processors as well as the M3 will take advantage of it. Correspondingly, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimated Instead of the future MacBook Pro, it will still have a chip etched in 5 nanometers.

TSMC states that burning at 3nm (N3) should achieve a performance gain of 10 to 15% at equal consumption or a reduction in consumption of 25 to 30% at equal performance compared to burning at 5nm. The logic density will be multiplied by 1.7, which means more transistors can be packed into the same space.

It is expected that the M2 Pro chips will eventually be integrated into modified versions of the Mac mini and Mac Studio. in September, Nikki Asia Certain The M3 generation of system-on-a-chip Macs will switch to N3E drilling, an advanced process that further improves performance.

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