Google shuts down Stadia, its video game service

Google shuts down Stadia, its video game service

Google shuts down Stadia, its on-demand video game service, we learned from specialist media the edge Wednesday.

The cloud-based video game platform will remain live until January 18, 2023, and players will be able to access their library until then, says Phil Harrison, vice president and general manager of Stadia, at Blog post. Stadia was released in 2019.

While Stadia’s approach to flow Consumer games have been built on a solid technology foundation, and haven’t had the user acceptance we expected,” Harrison adds. “So we made the difficult decision to start ending Stadia’s streaming service.”


Players who purchased Stadia devices through the Google Store will be refunded, according to information from Google Blog. Games and additional content purchased from the Stadia store will also be redeemed.

Google expects to issue the majority of refunds by mid-January 2023. However, the company will not refund Stadia Pro subscriptions. However, Stadia Pro players will be able to keep their subscription for free until the service closes.

During the shutdown period, it will not be possible to purchase games, as the Stadia Store is now closed.

Concerned players You will receive an email With refund instructions, but it is unclear when this email will be sent.

Did you write in the sky?

Stadia’s fate is no big surprise. The service has been a target of shutdown rumors since its launch, given Google’s reputation for shutting down projects. a site calledGoogle killed himIt was launched (Killed by Google), in honor of the many projects the giant abandoned.

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According to Phil Harrison’s letter, Stadia did not attract enough people.

We could also be relieved for the project when Google closed its development studios February 2021; One in Los Angeles and the other in Montreal. Although the service is coming to Chromecast and Android TV a month later, It seemed like the beginning of the end.

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