This discount is on this set of 6 designer chairs for under €100

This discount is on this set of 6 designer chairs for under €100

These six Scandinavian-style Katharina chairs come in at under €100, which is a great deal for Black Friday. Its gray color easily fits into any interior style to decorate your living room, kitchen or any other living room. Its design particularly highlights the four solid wooden legs that combine comfort and stability. Currently available on Cdiscount for €99.99 instead of €119.99, this set of 6 Scandinavian Catharina chairs is a chance to save you €20.. The online store already has 2,573 consumer reviews, giving these practical, sturdy and versatile chairs a rating of over 4 stars. If necessary, the seller will restore your old models free of charge. Four monthly payments of €25.62 are enough to purchase this product on sale.

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Set of 6 Scandinavian chairs spotted on Cdiscount for less than €100 for Black Friday

Simplicity and efficiency are the keywords for Katrina’s gray chairs, which do not take up much space. Its compact size still offers a seat height of 45cm and depth of 43cm to remain comfortable over time. Easy to store when not in use, these six Scandinavian chairs will be of great value when surprise guests arrive at your home unexpectedly. Whatever use you want to make it, this set of polypropylene chairs will effectively fit your home decor and give it a touch of modernity. Their Nordic style is sober and elegant at the same time, which appeals to the vast majority of consumers. Hence the very positive evaluation made by thousands of users on the online store.

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