The local mission of Nogent-le-Rotrou: those young people who go on an adventure abroad

The local mission of Nogent-le-Rotrou: those young people who go on an adventure abroad
As part of the Erasmus days, young people came to learn about traveling abroad. © Valentine Mauduit

The Milos 28 She convinces her youth as far as she can fly to other horizons. Grow the experience of life abroad that brings them back. Many testimonies support this. We were able to realize this during the last media meeting.

“Reassure them”

Thursday October 13th midweek Erasmus daysCeline Jacquimar and Corinne Siegfried face off against Six Youngsters. Some already have the idea of ​​leaving, while others consider it just a distant project.

Jules, Tetouan and David recounted their experiences. Jules and Tetouan are back from Malta She recorded a videotape to testify. For David, he is still on site at LisbonIt was a live video that was staged.

Pinned well to the bottom of the sofa, taking advantage of Portuguese sweetness, he answered Céline Jaquemard’s questions, telling his adventure… “It’s reassuring for them to have direct feedback from young people,” notes Céline, Director of Business Relations.

In Portugal, for nine months

After some communication adventures, we were able to chat with the 27-year-old Frenchie who is supposed to be back in the next few days.

I have been in Portugal for nine months. These are three-month contracts that I renewed. But then I decided to go back.

This does not mean that life in Lisbon does not satisfy him. “I work in a youth hostel, I love what I do, and get along well with my colleagues.”

On site, young Eurélien used his days off to go to Porto and to some magical corners ‘like UNESCO Nature Reserve “, Slips.

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Moreover, he was back after meeting us in Porto for the “Metal Rock Music Festival”.

Stayed in the hostel for free with about thirty others from Erasmus, plane tickets plus public transport on the spot subsidized by Erasmus Ouat at the origin of these trips. “I would say you should 200 euros per month To live and feed and a few nearby places to go out.”


Since the creation of the Erasmus Ouat programme, eleven young people from the local mission in Nogent-le-Rotrou have packed their bags abroad. Spain, Portugal, Ireland or even Malta. They found their happiness there, some even staying there like Shannon in Ireland. The conditions for departure are simple: you must be 18 years old and under 26 years old at the time of departure; mandatory health permit; Be mobile and independent; A recent identity card and passport; It has the ability to self-finance…

open hostel

The young man enjoyed his adventure so much that he saw himself getting back on the right track … but in France. “I’m going home, and have a little fun. And the inn is really something I like. Why don’t you open up to me? He wonders. At the pole? In any case, Celine Jaquemard will still be at his side to guide him towards competent services to accompany him in setting up his company.”

After these testimonials, what do the young people present think? For Simon who comes out of A Tourism BTS, “I see myself leaving. More in Portugal, to work on English.” Cut by Celine, “Youngsters love this destination to improve their English. We will know in November, but travel to Ireland may resume. We also offer Spain.” For Nice, a graduate of a BPJEPS In the world of sports, the draft appears to be written. “It is reassuring to have these comments, and it motivates us even more.”

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In order to convince them to take a dip, the local mission even organized a small buffet with Portuguese culinary specialties.

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