LOSC snatch victory from Clermont, thanks to Ángel Gomez and Mohamed Bayo

LOSC snatch victory from Clermont, thanks to Ángel Gomez and Mohamed Bayo

In complete doubt since his arrival in the north, Mohamed Bayo finally found his way to the net, at the Gabriel Monbid stadium he knows by heart, during LOSC’s victory over the promoters of Clermont (2-0) on Wednesday night. Lille moved up to sixth in the provisional standings, one point behind Monaco. Clermont stagnated in tenth place.

On the bench at the start of the match, Bayo noted the excellent start of the match by Edun Zegrova. Alkosovar, moving in his right lane, had the initiative of all Lille’s work in the first period. The right winger, however, was clumsy in the last gesture, stumbling down Mory Diaw after a super one-two with Ismaily (18), or striking aside (45).

First goal in Ligue 1 with Lille for Bayeux

Despite its dominance, Lille struggled in the face of Clermont’s attacking transformations. Thiago Diallo (see below) doubled to stop counter-attacks led by Elbasan Rashani, who wasted everything offensively (14, 28, 63).

As the meeting lost its intensity, Angel Gomes came out of the game to score a freeing penalty kick, which he changed himself (68th). Crocheted by Mateusz Vetteska, center collapsed into surface. At the end of the match, Maximiliano Cofres received a second yellow card, synonymous with a red card, after a foul on Timothy Weah, who was heading alone towards the goal (90 + 1). In the aftermath, Mohamed Bayo scored the second goal of the match. A breath of fresh air for the former Clermontois, who scored his first Ligue 1 goal with Lille.

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Thanks to a penalty kick from Angel Gomes and a late goal in the game from Mohamed Bayo, Lille finished another game with at least one goal. This is the fifteenth time this season in the French league in sixteen matches.

Player: Thiago Dagalo, comprehensive insurance

LOSC notched its fourth clean sheet of the season on Wednesday night. At Claremont Park, Paulo Fonseca can thank his Portuguese defender, Thiago Diallo. With his cleverness twice to stop counter-attacks led by Elbasan Rashani, he narrowly won a corner kick against Kosovar (52), then cleared a hot ball at the end of the match, against Sham (88).

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