Téfécé pushed the Portuguese to their limits

Téfécé pushed the Portuguese to their limits

I finish ! 0-0, Tifisi exited after a 2-1 defeat in the first leg.

A funny feeling for the people of Toulouse, who rose to the occasion and were presented with opportunities without even realizing it. The stadium was glowing and one they could be proud of despite the elimination. Téfécé pushed Benfica to their limits.

Trubin pushes a blow from Ciro!

The Swiss were armed on the left flank, but the Benfica goalkeeper felt the blow and went to put the ball on the ground.

It is difficult to find space in the Benfica building

The Portuguese now maintain this score, and we are at the beginning of 4 minutes of stoppage time.

He still hesitates to climb into the corner

It's still a bit early. There is no need for regret, as the corner was taken from the third post.

Logan Costa lunges at the cross

We feel that the defender is not used to being there, especially since Joao Mario slipped and had time to adapt.

Papika rolls away!

It passes by Trubin's skylight, which has not moved. this is not possible…

Di Maria comes out to boos

He was replaced by Kökçu.

AURSNES tries to raise the ball in the middle of the field!

His relic returns at full speed towards its target, but eventually passes a good counter.

Kamanzi has been warned

Foul to interrupt a counterattack.

The third wave of Toulouse changes

Gboho and Suazo were replaced by Magri and Babesika. It's attacking, but no further changes will be possible before a potential extension due to two substitutions in the first half.

The battle is always difficult

The ballfest is immediately lost by both sides, due to technical inaccuracy or good opposition pressure.

Suazo has been warned

The Chilean full-back from Toulouse was not suspended (and at that stage of the game, he probably didn't care anyway).

Benfica is not far from stinging!

Finally, the Portuguese penetrated in the second half, with the middle unable to find any outlet behind him. The dream of Toulouse is still alive!

Nerys comes out

Aursnes enters after checking a Toulouse penalty kick that has already ended.

It is not possible!

How did Toulouse not score? Spierings, as a fox, stumbles upon Trubin, before Nicolaisen fails to find the target with a header in stride. Two great opportunities!

A job for Dalinga, but it was ruled offside!

The people of Toulouse will begin to believe they are cursed, with this amount of well-placed Dalinga header blocked. Regret was alleviated by the assistant…

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The ball flirts with the crossbar!

Nicolaisen's header at the far post from Sierra's corner. It slams well, but it only goes to the top. Come here !

Sierra continues to strike from afar

This time, one of the defenders tackles it immediately, but it casts doubt on the defense and inflames the atmosphere even more.

Spearing's failure did not dampen the mood

On the contrary, the stadium feels that this achievement is truly possible. Come on, another half hour!

How were the springs not identified?

What to do from Dunham who fakes the middle from the right and finds his teammate a full pivot six meters away. The Dutchman misses the target with his head.

Toulouse continues to press

Gboho powerful cross at ground level. Benquist narrowly shoots towards his own goal, but from a corner kick.

Rafa Silva is confused!

Fortunately for Toulouse, who was unbalanced and left a lot of spaces.

Ciro hits Trupin!

Nice move between Kamanzi and Dunum on the right. The first name found Ciro at the back, but the Swiss almost made an effort and sent his shot towards the goalkeeper.

Double change for Benfica at the end of the first half

Cabral and Carreras replaced Tungstedt and Morato.

here we go again !

While fireworks were launched from the Indians stand!

0-0 in the first half between Toulouse and Benfica!

But we were not bored for a moment in this first chapter. Téfécé approached this match without flinching and lived in the fiery atmosphere of the stadium. Even if Benfica gets two big chances, we can still believe in it!

>> During this time, Lens took a break in Fribourg!

What a display of leftovers!

The young Toulouse goalkeeper comes out at full speed and appears in front of Antonio Silva who showed himself perfectly. It was difficult for the Toulouse defense at the end of the first half, and Carlos Martinez Neuville celebrated this goal save!

Toulouse's corner flies in front of the goal

It's wrapped perfectly by Sierra, but Violet can't cut it!

Lince opened the scoring and was almost qualified

>> Follow the live broadcast of Fribourg-Lens!

Benfica takes control again

The Portuguese managed to keep the ball a little more at the end of the first half.

Huge opportunity for Benfica!

Center at ground level in front of the remains. The ball bounced off the near post and Di Maria threw himself in. The former Parisian was able to touch the ball, but not enough to put it into the goal!

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Second forced change to Toulouse

Dissler makes way for Kamanzi.

Oh, Dessler might have to get out too…

He remains on the ground while the Toulouse crew takes the opportunity to give instructions.

Donum adjusts his head wrong!

Toulouse's desire was close to fruition, as Di Maria possessed the ball inside the penalty area. Center back for Donum, whose head ends with Tropin's gloves. There was a way to do better!

Rafa Silva's shot went wide!

First foray for Benfica. Neves strikes from the left side and sends it in behind Rafa Silva, who tries to turn but sees his shot end up just above the top corner.

Keben replaces Diarra

The Toulouse defender had already left the field for a few tens of seconds.

Scarves are in the stands

Great atmosphere while Téfécé is still ten years old since Diarra's exit.

Moussa Diarra is still on the ground

The referee interrupts the game so the coaches can take care of him.

Suazo is blocked at the far post

The left piston was found by a cross from Dunham, who was finally flagged offside.

Diesler's cross ends up with Tropin's gloves

Toulouse's intensity is less than at the beginning of the match, but we are still in the Portuguese camp.

Yellow card for Donum, who will be suspended if the round of 16 goes

And that's all we want at Téfécé.

Suazo takes a very long time to get to the center

But the left piston had space on its side. Despite everything, he gets a corner kick, which does nothing.

Rennes opened the scoring against Milan

We are keeping an eye on other French clubs, who are dreaming of trophies at Roazon Park…

>> Follow Rennes – Milan live!

Sierra's shot this time is blocked by a defender

The people of Toulouse continue to show so much desire, it is beautiful and deserves to become a reality!

Téfécé continues to look for Benfiquiists to a very high degree

Like Spierings, who keeps pressing the corner of the opposition box but misses his crosses.

Sierra tries his luck from afar!

It's very polite to put Tropin in danger, but it adds a layer to the atmosphere!

Benfica have their foot on the ball a bit

The Portuguese take turns calming everyone down.

The atmosphere is exceptional from the first seconds

The pitch immediately screamed, aided by Téfécé's instant pressing.

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Starting !

The kickoff was given by Téfécé! For this achievement!

A minute of applause in honor of Artur Jorge

The former Portugal coach and Paris Saint-Germain coach has died at the age of 78.

The stadium wore its best clothes for this historic match

Tifo in all the stands, flags and smoke bombs in the park: an unforgettable European evening awaits you!

Benfica lineup

Benquist 11: Tropin – Bah, Antonio Silva, Otamendi, Morato – Neves, Joao Mario – Di Maria, Rafa Silva, Neres – Tingstedt.

Subs: Soares, Gomez, Araujo, Fluís, Carreras, Kukcu, Orsnes, Gouveia, Rolheiser, Leonardo, Cabral.

Rothen asks French clubs for “fireworks” this evening!

Jerome Roten: “Tonight should be fireworks! We had a bad Thursday last week. The French clubs shamed us, except for Toulouse, who played with us. As for the rest, we were ashamed. They wouldn't have been at their level and Rennes wasn't there.” “In Milan. You can lose to Milan, but not like this. They won 3-0, and now they have to make their supporters dream. The remontada is always against us, so I would like to be surprised this evening! And I am not.” Even talking about Marseille… They will play in a full stadium, and we have to win!”

TFC's lineup for this exciting European evening at the stadium

Toulouse 11: Remnants – Costa, Nicolaisen – Diarra – Diesler, Spierings, Siero, Suazo – Dunum, Dalinga, Gboho

Subs: Dominguez, Lacombe, Camanzi, Kepin, Caceres, Gilabert, Skyeta, Sissoko, Babika, Magri.

Téfécé condemns the “inappropriate and excessive treatment” directed at its supporters on the road

After the defeat suffered by Toulouse against Benfica (2-1) in the first leg of the Europa League, Tévesi denounced the incidents reported by his supporters at the Stade da Luz. Toulouse Club contacted UEFA.

>> Téfécé condemns the “inappropriate and excessive treatment” against its supporters

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Good morning all !

After losing the first leg (2-1) due to a brace by Angel Di Maria, Toulouse did not exit the round of 16 of the Europa League. To do that, they will have to deliver a powerful blow on Thursday during the return match against Benfica (6:45 p.m.).

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