Summer excursions (4): discover vineyards on “two feet”, well.. 4 wheels

Summer excursions (4): discover vineyards on “two feet”, well.. 4 wheels

There are two types of drivers on summer asphalt … First there are two types of impersonal SUV, gray or black (the white already shows a suspicious silhouette), which spins on the asphalt strip of the highway without looking at the landscape … Then there are those who They choose freedom, color, wanderlust and curiosity. This article is for them…

Therefore it is located on the small roads of Aude, the ones meandering between the vines, which must be handed over. Here we are not even thinking about checking his speedometer. 80 km/h is not required, it will never be reached. But the goal is not to go fast, but to have fun…

“Tourism of amazing feelings and experiences…”

“Consider the cherry followed by the almond, the two beautiful 2CVs hit the road. And what is the way? Winemaking where imagination connects the region’s wines A coherent and wonderful landscape of flavours, tastes and feelingsAnd the Team says 4 hour wine tour on his blog (…) Pass through wonderful views that everyone can appreciate. Willingly, the magic works thanks to the bumpy, sometimes shaky but terribly cheerful road of the two beautiful old lady. Unusual places most people ignore, with fragrant shrub lanes…”

Isabel Castro, founder of the “Vin 4 heures Tour” with her lover “Deudeuche” … Photo Vin 4 heures Tour

stage readyAnd the atmosphere, too. 4 hour wine toura company founded in 2013 by Isabel Castro (Graduate in Oenology and Wine Tourism) Presentations “Tourism of feelings and amazing experiences on wine and vine …” Isabel Castro explains: “I want to present Passionate wine tourism, amazing and accessible to everyoneby offering extraordinary leisure activities, unique but revealing the true story of our landscapes, our Terroirs and our passionate men who grow them (…) Another French legend had to be part of the adventure: Citroën 2 CV, … “

A trio of ladies to guide you through the heart of the vineyards

tours” and the Wine tourism workshops Available all year round Reservation. Tours “Can take place during the day or in the evening, weeks, holidays and weekends depending on availability.”

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The themes of the oeno-fun workshops are related to the vine and wine cycle, and meetings with wine growers are held according to the availability of partners. Team 4 hour wine tour Also consists ofMaud Franchet guide for walking around Midi channel And thetiffin tibert sommelier and hostGrape and wine workshops

2CV, to go where you want! 4 hour wine photo tour

Oxygen arcs for eye pleasure Want to discover the magic of wine Languedoc-Roussillon in the Mediterranean? Nothing is easier! Just choose the small paths that lead toLa Palme, in Aude And theBetween Gruissan and Leucate at the footMassif La Clape

And there, two smashed “pieces” are waiting for you…To rest away from the noise of summer just calmed down from the purr of the engine knowsTake your time and enjoy the scenery

…and the flavors of local liquor! Contact :4 hour wine tour

3 rue des Poètes 11480 La Palme – Tel: +33 (0) 6 82 22 17 72 – Email: [email protected]

Philip Moret

Tours are carried out in 2 transferable CVs with the ability to get behind the wheel of any driver who can show proof of a driver’s license valid for more than 3 years and a security deposit that will be returned at the end of the tour. . A technical and safety briefing will be provided prior to each departure. For accessibility for all, tours can also be organized in a minibus for up to eight people upon request. Contact: +33 (0) 6 82 22 17 72 Want to take the time: In Occitanie, there are many professionals who offer to hire 2 CV where my skills (The Citroen Mahari is a two-seater convertible (optional four-seater) produced by Citroen between 1968 and 1987, and its mechanical basis is the basis of a 2CV) in particular at Lot, Mehari Casals And the Kajark Lock and Roll Which significantly offers a convertible car

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skill mail 4 seats 100% electric.To know all about 2CV:

Summer “trips” with

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