Russia: The Boeing plane was forced to land after an engine problem

Russia: The Boeing plane was forced to land after an engine problem

The Russian authorities announced, on Friday, that they were conducting “checks” after a problem occurred in the engine of a Boeing 737 plane belonging to a Russian company, amid concerns about air safety, with the impact of international sanctions on aircraft maintenance.

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The plane, a Boeing 737-800 belonging to S7, took off from Novosibirsk (Siberia) towards Moscow, but was forced to return to its original airport, according to a local administration of the Transport Investigation Committee.

According to preliminary data, the plane encountered an engine problem. All 176 people on board were safe.

“The landing took place safely. There were no casualties. The investigation committee confirmed that the causes and circumstances of the accident are being determined.

This incident comes because Russia is no longer able to import spare parts for Airbus and Boeing aircraft and is no longer able to obtain maintenance from the two manufacturers due to Western sanctions targeting Moscow following its attack on Ukraine.

S7 has already been forced to reduce the number of flights by 10-15% in the fall and winter, due to difficulties in keeping its Airbus planes in good technical condition, the Russian daily Kommersant reported in October.

According to experts, technical problems are likely to multiply in the coming months, affecting air safety in Russia and/or preventing Western-made aircraft from flying.

The country currently has no domestic alternative to replace Boeing and Airbus aircraft. Air travel is vital in the world’s largest country, which spans 11 time zones.

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