Red Hood is ruthless in Gotham Knights’ latest trailer

Red Hood is ruthless in Gotham Knights’ latest trailer

After Robin, Nightwing and Batgirl, the fourth playable hero Gotham Knights At the heart of the game’s latest trailer, scheduled for October 25.

The end of the year is slowly approaching, and video game fans know what’s going on. During this period, the most traditionally anticipated AAA games are released. The least we can say is that 2022 is no exception to the rule. whether thatHogwarts Legacy where God of War RagnarokAnd the The next few months promise to be very busy.

Eligibility willing to use the powerful method

Among the most anticipated titles, it’s hard not to mention Gotham Knights, a new adventure in Gotham City from Warner Bros Games Montreal. In this adaptation, Batman dies, and with a crime higher than ever, all hope rests with the heirs of the Dark Knight: Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood. It is expected to be announced next October 25 on next-generation PCs and consoles, and talk of the title continues with intense marketing. In recent weeks, the most curious have been able to discover trailers dedicated to the top three heroes mentioned above, The latest is Batgirl.

In the final hours, the Red Hood (finally) invited himself to the party, with a trailer showing all his attributes. The least we can say is that Ghost is not here for fun. More aggressive than Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl, the character has come back from the dead. After being a victim of crime multiple times, he eventually died of his injuries before being resurrected by a creative enemy of the Dark Knight. Since then, the person whose real name is Jason Todd has decided to face Gotham City’s ills the hard way.

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A villain from Batman legends has been revealed

In addition to this introduction, Warner Bros. Games also took the opportunity to share a short synopsis of the character: “ The resurrection may have changed him, but one thing remains the same, Gotham City needs the Red Hood. He will do whatever it takes to save his town. What’s the worst thing that could happen? He’s gone to hell and back before, and he would have done it again. » To avoid becoming a criminal himself, the character eventually chooses non-lethal weapons and technologies, including some borrowed from Batman. Weapons that can also be seen in action in this popular trailer.

Recently, fans excited to discover the game managed to get acquainted with Mr. Freeze, one of the great villains of this new opus. A chance to learn in particular that this super villain was created in part in virtual reality. The goal is to be close to the character to realize what players can feel when they are on the side of the super villain.

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