Reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo struggles to find a club

Reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo struggles to find a club
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This is the soap opera at the moment, and it will likely run until the end of this summer transfer window. Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United. A decision that seems irrefutable, especially since the Portuguese wants to develop in a team that competes in the Champions League, just as he believes that the leaders of the Red Devils are unable to build a team capable of winning titles.

daily Brand, in today’s edition, explains why the Portuguese are so difficult to sign. For Atlético, the club takes center stage in this case, but also for other clubs. First of all, the player’s salary should be taken into account, because it is huge to say at least (about 30 million euros per year). Even if he is willing to make sacrifices, this is a fee that most clubs are difficult to afford.

Part of the CR7 clan pushes him to stay

But this is not all, because if the question of salary is clear, then the Spanish newspaper reveals other explanations. We know in particular that in the Portuguese entourage, some people are paying for him to stay at Manchester United. The latter, who is very influential with the striker, believes that the Red Devils are indeed a great team and that he can help them return to the top. Would it be more comfortable elsewhere? not necessarily…

The symbolic aspect must also be taken into account. Real Madrid legend, Cristiano Ronaldo logically has a certain image and joining Atletico or Barcelona would be, in a way, a betrayal of his former club. And the reception of his future fans, in these two mentioned clubs for example, also makes him reluctant. In any case, the media ends its article by saying that he still has options to join Colchoneros, as Diego Simeone is crazy about him …

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