Here are the destinations to avoid this summer if you can’t stand hordes of tourists

Here are the destinations to avoid this summer if you can’t stand hordes of tourists

Tired of the hordes of tourists in Spain? In 2023, perhaps, it will be time to return to the country of Cervantes, since no region in the future is expected to be a place of attack by travelers. Already at the forefront of the summer tourism scene in 2022, Greece will be popular, warns Mabrian who has made data her expertise in the world of tourism, especially Crete. While the national airline Aegean has announced a connection from Lille to the capital of Crete, Heraklion, this new air route only enhances an already competitive journey with the arrival of easyJet between Paris or Geneva and Chania (the main city of discovery Heraklion). west of Crete).

Combining the look of new air links, as well as the capacity of the aircraft that will operate these flights at mid-range hotel prices, this data company has identified Candia Island as the number one European region of interest in 2023. This rating is further enhanced by the Cretan offering in terms of nature and luxury. The Mediterranean island is very popular with hikers who embark on the five- to seven-hour trek in the Strait of Samaria, the longest in Europe. Internationally, Crete is second only to Bali, according to the data company, which analyzed more than 700 destinations around the world.

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Europe, a trendy destination in 2023

Several European regions monopolize the top of this analysis basket, starting with the Algarve. The truly wonderful Portuguese region is a very serious choice for holidays because of its accessible hotel prices, averaging €86.39 per night in Q1 2023. France completes the top five, with its primary destination Corsica (fifth) but above all the region Breton which finished fourth, in a stage with the rise of destination strength with the French. Last summer, the country’s menhir recorded the strongest frequency development among all hexagonal regions. Then Brittany recorded nearly 22 million overnight stays (+7.2% compared to 2019), between April and September, according to INSEE. Remember that with the hot summers experienced in Europe, Brittany provided its vacationers with perfect weather without the sweltering heat and with the perfect temperature in the water.

In terms of European regions that offer another holiday read, between countryside and fair weather, Wales ranks sixth in this analysis.

Here are the regions of the world and Europe that will be the most popular in 2023:

Bali, Indonesia)

Crete (Greece)

Algarve (Portugal)

Brittany (France)

Corsica (France)

Wales (United Kingdom)

Sardinia (Italy)

Antalya, Turkey)

the moldive Islands

Sicily (Italy)

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