Portuguese Trilingual Bachelor’s Degree – University of Bordeaux Montaigne

Portuguese Trilingual Bachelor’s Degree – University of Bordeaux Montaigne

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The Portuguese Trilingual License, for all those with a taste for the languages ​​and cultures of the world

The Portuguese Trilingual License is a training creative Designed for discerning students Languages ​​and cultures of the world I wish to master several languages.

arrive to Great beginners in portuguese

This training covers various aspects of Lusophone countries (culture, current affairs, literature, history, society, arts, etc.) with the aim of training specialists from different geographical regions (Lusophone Africa, Asia, Brazil and Portugal). At the end of their training, students will master the third European language, spoken by more than 250 million speakers around the world and one of the five most spoken languages ​​on the Internet. A major asset in a globalized world and in a necessarily multilingual and multicultural future.

3 languages ​​throughout the undergraduate course

  • Portuguese.
  • A second specialization in language and culture to be chosen between: Arabic / Spanish / Italian.
  • practiceEnglish Over the course of six semesters of the license this training is completed.

Many local teachers participate in this training

  • proficiency in the Portuguese language, a The second language of your choice (Arabic, Spanish and Italian) and keep practicingEnglish To be Versatile and three professional languages.
  • Communicate in different languages and enrich their intercultural skills.
  • Develop your skills Analytical mind, organization, independence, creativity, translation…


Pedagogical official
Ilana Heinberg @ u-bordeaux-montaigne.fr

Administrative contact
Portuguese language license @ u-bordeaux-montaigne.fr

Learn more about this license
See the catalog of undergraduate courses: Portuguese trilingual license

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