Portugal is like home

Portugal is like home

On Monday morning, Portugal revealed the names of the 33 players who will wear the “Lobos” shirt during the World Cup finals in France.

17 players play in France

17 of the 33 players selected play in France. David Gerrard, who is on the Portuguese coaching staff alongside Patrice Lajesquet, explains about the group: We tried to benefit from the experience of our strikers who play in France because it is important for us. Then the big base of Portuguese players are former under-20 players who are now 22 or 23 years old. They need to supervise us and we tried to find a good balance. Behind him is exactly the same case. In a World Cup, you can’t just go there with passion.”

Portugal will face Wales, Georgia and then Fiji with a small title, but with the desire to show a beautiful image: “With Chile we are like little thumbs. The goal is above all my behaviour. That makes me feel good on a personal level, the human being is at the center of the discussion. We expect our players to make them proud of their country and their people.”Families. We don’t want to have any regrets and the players have a lot of fun being there. We try to entertain them as much as possible so that they can enjoy wonderful moments. Portuguese rugby is not known in Europe but also in Portugal! So we must make this nation and those who play rugby in Portugal proud even if they only number 4,000.”

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Portugal will play two of their four group stage matches in Toulouse. Toulouse is a no-nonsense area for many members of this delegation. Samuel Marquez played in Toulouse, Thibaut de Freitas was born in the Pink City and knew the training centers in Colomieh and Castres, David Gerrard trained in Montauban and Toulouse and still lives here, and wingers Bento and Marta will wear the De Colomiet shirt after the match. world, etc. There are so many stories that make these playground decals special.

Portugal’s four matches

  • Wales in Nice on September 16th
  • Georgia on September 23 in Toulouse
  • Australia on October 1 in Saint-Etienne
  • Fiji on October 8 in Toulouse

Portuguese group

The group is from Portugal.
The group is from Portugal.

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