Portugal: Hotel infrastructure committed to sustainability in the Algarve region

Portugal: Hotel infrastructure committed to sustainability in the Algarve region

Last October, VILA VITA Parc, located in Borches in the Algarve (Portugal), was recognized as a Sustainability Leader by Leading Hotels of the World (LHW). This prestigious recognition places VILA VITA Parc among a very select group of just 50 hotels around the world, carefully selected for their commitment to cultural, social and environmental sustainability.

This commitment is reflected in many concrete actions, in particular initiatives Waste reduction and recycling, responsible use of natural resources, significant reductions in water consumption, energy saving measures or partnerships with various associations.

In the face of the environmental and climate emergency, Portugal, and specifically the Algarve Tourism Office, is committed on several levels. Implementing actions as well as sharing a The message of social and environmental responsibility to local residents, visitors and partners has become one of the priority goals for the next ten years. By implementing sustainable and respectful tourism, the region aspires to preserve this haven for biodiversity and work to enable future generations to benefit from this unique place.

Based on the support and initiatives taken at the regional level, Many hotel infrastructures are committed to conservation, conservation and sustainability in the Algarve region.

Jupiter Hotel Group, especially the Jupiter Algarve Hotellocated in Praia da Rocha just a few steps from the turquoise waters, has also established a list of “good environmental practices” that aim to have responsible water consumption within the establishment as well as reduce waste, energy and fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and food waste.

Faro Hotel, located in the heart of the Algarve capitalbesides the environmentally responsible practices implemented within its structure, is linked to projects for the benefit of the environment, in particular “The Plastic Hike”, a 58-day trek along 832 kilometers of the Portuguese coast to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

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Pine Cliff Resort, a luxury hotel complex Benefiting from a privileged location by the sea, committed. Twice a year, at Christmas and Easter, Pine Cliffs Resort provides free meals to the local community in need and hosts fundraising events for various regional associations.

Pestana Hotel Group, which owns several hotels in the Algarve region, participates in the “Thank you for your help” program, which consists of paying an amount equivalent to the amount collected thanks to customer donations to various local social solidarity institutions. Pestana Hotel Group hotels also participate in “Paper for Food” campaigns, organized by food banks, during which collected paper is recycled and used to preserve food products.

finally, VilaValverde Design & Country Hotel is located in the heart of the areaSurrounded by green landscapes and pristine beaches, within these five hectares of land have preserved trees and crops typical of the Algarve such as an orange grove and an organic garden where only organic fertilizers are used. The hotel’s architecture and design are perfectly integrated with the environment, incorporating natural and local materials into its construction such as Portuguese cork. Solar panels and energy-efficient lighting are also used. VilaValverde is also committed to promoting environmental awareness among its guests Encourage them to participate in environmentally friendly initiatives during their stay: guided nature walks, beach cleanups, and educational programs on sustainable tourism practices.

All of these hotels are also Green Key certifiedThe first sustainable tourism brand for tourist accommodation and restaurants in France and the world.

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