Panos Panay leaves Microsoft for Amazon and says goodbye to Windows and Surface | Xbox One

Panos Panay leaves Microsoft for Amazon and says goodbye to Windows and Surface |  Xbox One

There are some people who represent an era, and Panos Panai was one of them. After 19 years at Microsoft, the head of Microsoft’s Windows and hardware division is leaving to go to a major competitor, Amazon.

He left Microsoft for Amazon

After 19 wonderful years at Microsoft, I decided to turn the page and write the next chapter. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent at Microsoft and the amazing people I had the privilege of building products with.

Panos Panai has had the opportunity to do many jobs since joining Microsoft in 2004, but the man is best known for overseeing the launch of new products, including Surface computers and the dual-screen Surface Duo phone.

Panos Panai was always thrilled with the idea of ​​releasing new things, he was one of those who knew how to inspire and whose enthusiasm was contagious. His departure was not planned as his presence was still confirmed last month when he confirmed his presence at a Microsoft event scheduled for Thursday, September 21 that was supposed to discuss the Surface range and the company’s AI innovations.

Youssef Mahdi will be responsible for the Microsoft Windows and Surface businesses. It must have a lot of catching up to do because if the rumors are true, Windows 12 is planned for next year.

As for Panos Panay, Bloomberg He says he’s joining Amazon’s teams to take care of Alexa devices and Echo smart speakers. So it will remain in the hardware world, but for one of Microsoft’s biggest competitors.

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Whether it’s a calendar coincidence or not, Amazon will hold an event on Wednesday, a day before Microsoft, dedicated to the company’s new devices. We don’t know if Panos Panai will be there, but it is David Lemp, the head of the branch, who will make room for Panos Panai when the latter officially takes over.

The Devices and Services team has already had a very busy year, and now that Amazon HQ2 is officially open, it seems only fitting that we get together there in a few months to share more of what we’ve been working on. Mark your calendar for 9/20 to hear from us!

David Limp, in July 2023

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