Online surveillance: challenges of personal data protection –

Online surveillance: challenges of personal data protection –

The UFC-Que Choisir Association highlights the scale of personal data collection and sharing online, revealing that even visiting a few websites can lead to thousands of commercial traces.

This practice raises significant concerns about privacy protection and transparencydata usage Consumers.

Digital tracking

The study by UFC-Que Choisir reveals an uncomfortable truth: the massive aggregation and participation of Personal data on the Internet. Even through a small number of websites, this exposes consumers to tracking for commercial purposes. The consequences of this constant surveillance go beyond simple targeted advertising, affecting individuals' privacy and freedom online 20 minutes.

Detailed profiles

Online companies, such as some subsidiaries of major companies like Microsoft, use sophisticated algorithms to profile users based on hundreds of thousands of personality traits. This segmentation ranges from purchasing preferences to aspects of personal health, creating detailed and often intrusive profiles that can be used for marketing and advertising purposes.

Call for transparency

In the face of this reality, UFC-Que Choisir calls for more transparency on the part Online business Regarding the use of consumers' personal data. It is essential that users have access to and control over their own data, as well as the ability to request its deletion if necessary. Moreover, this approach aims to strengthen privacy protection in a digital landscape where data collection has become ubiquitous.

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